gift better together

Invite family and friends to contribute to meaningful gifts for your child

a more sustainable way to give

Is your house full of plastic toys? Are you thankful for the generosity from friends and family when it comes to giving presents to your child but can't help and feel that all that good will could be channelled towards fewer and more meaningful gifts? Perhaps a day trip to the big cat sanctuary, a bike or a contribution to your local charity?

If you answered yes, fear not, we got you covered. 

give a meaningful gift that will have a positive impact on your child 

help the environment and reduce the number of unnecessary plastic toys 

reduce clutter in your house from unwanted gifts

convenient and secure way to gift without the carbon footprint

why we do this

our kids

An average child in UK is gifted over 200 toys and research shows having that many is not great for their cognitive development


It's also bad for the environment as 90% of toys cannot be recycled


And not to mention a waste of resources, as thousands of pounds are spent on five minute wonders

how it works

1. Sign up to gifter platform with just a few clicks

2. Create an event and tell everyone why you are celebrating

3. Add gift details and upload photos and description of your child's dream gifts... visit our blog page for inspiration

4. Connect to your bank account through Stripe, one of the world's leading payment providers 

5. Invite family and friends

6. Track RSVPs and receive gift funds in your designated bank account

Our fee

Free to organise events

2% on all monetary gift transactions

+ partner fees