About us

We’ve all been there. Most weekends it seems. Another kids party, another last-minute rush to find a gift. Ideally one that brings joy to the child, that seems useful and squeezes into a £5 - £10 price bracket. But far more likely, one that get the job done without breaking the bank and that makes you look like a respectable parent.

Sometimes our routines stop us from seeing the bigger picture. What if those small plastic toys (90% of which are non-recyclable by the way) and five-minute-wonder gifts (which we all know end up at the bottom of the toy box) were replaced with something more inspiring, more sustainable and hassle free for all parents?

Too good to be true? Well it’s this idea that inspired us to create Gifter. A new way of gifting that is a win-win for both kids and parents.

Our growing community of parents are challenging wasteful, time-consuming gift-giving by pooling their pounds to give their child a more inspiring birthday surprise.