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Updated: May 19, 2021

It looks like we will finally (hopefully) will be allowed to meet in real life soon, so it's time to brush up on your hosting skills and get creative. A games themed party can be hosted in your local park or your garden and is a great way for kids to have fun with their friends and expend some energy! Below are some ideas to get you started and are easy to assemble and fun.

Tips for the set up

  • Set up prizes - but don't forget to congratulate all the participants regardless of how they performed. Try to avoid plastic gifts and opt for something a little more educational and sustainable - what about a grow your own sunflower kit from Growing Urban?

  • Serve easy-to-eat party food - think pizza, sandwiches, wraps with a dose of fresh vegetables and fruit to snack on on the side.

  • Get involved - firstly to show everyone how the game works and then to cheer on the sidelines.

Game ideas

  • Dress up relay race - set up a dress up theme and an obstacles course to go with the theme to make it a little more fun - sports, princess, unicorns, pirates?! Don't be tempted into buying unnecessary plastic props, you could DIY them with your child ahead of the big event.

  • Scavenger hunt - scatter some treats around the garden and give everyone a bag to go exploring. You could also try the natural scavenger hunt by drawing up a list of items they can find outdoors such as a red leaf, green leaf, pebble smaller than your thumb and so on. You could also give bonus points to those interpreting the brief in the most creative way.

  • Bowling - with disposable paper cups as pins! stack them up and use a tennis ball to knock them down. In fact there are a ton of other games you can create from cups, here is a link for more ideas: Fun games with cups. Though the subject says plastic cups, please use paper ones instead.

  • Dragon tail tag - start by giving each child their tail (aka an old sock) that they can tuck into their waistband. The object of the game is to take other players' tails without losing their own one, with any player losing their tail having to sit down. However, once on the sidelines... if another player passes, they can grab their tail and rejoin the game.

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