Host a fun party online

You probably have had enough of Zoom parties by now to last you a lifetime and hopefully we will soon be able to meet in real life . However, if Zoom parties is all you can do right now wherever you in the world, follow the tips below to make it fun for all involved.

1. Pick a theme

Let your child set the theme and go with whatever they are into and excited about - dinosaurs, pirates or Disney? If you are struggling for ideas, you can always rely on Pinterest.

2. Decorate the background and don't hold back

Once your theme is set, it's time to make decorations for your Zoom backdrop. If you're feeling crafty, you can make bunting and paper garlands together with the little ones and visit Etsy and Not On The Highstreet if you need to top up on your creations. We particularly love these Japanese Paper Balloons (click on the images for more info).

3. Set a dress code

Keeping with the theme, invite the guests to dress up and make sure you give everyone plenty of notice. You can get crafty again and make a costume together with your child (visit this blog post for easy DIY ideas like the robot pictured here) or enrich your child's dressing up box with a new outfit from some fantastic independent makers from Etsy or Not On The High Street.

4. Keep it short

Unlike traditional kids' parties that can last up to 2 hours or more, keeping virtual ones short and sweet is essential. To keep things manageable and allow everyone have a chance to participate, we recommend keeping the total number of attendees to around 10. One of the advantages of hosting virtual parties is that family and friends from abroad can also join - so don't forget them when making your invitee list.

5. Play some games

Once everyone had a chance to catch up and chat, its good to have a few games up your sleeve. For younger kids, try musical statues and dancing games - just make sure you have the songs and playlist prepared beforehand. For older kids, check out this list of 20 fun games.

6. Enjoy a well earned glass of wine or a cup of tea at the end

You did it, well done! Here's hoping that next year we will be able to meet in person.

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