Sustainable gifting

Did you know?

  • 8.5 million new toys are thrown away every year in the UK

  • 90% of toys contain plastic that is hard to recycle

  • Too many toys can affect children's cognitive development

Whatever the occasion, it's true to say that kids love presents ...and who wants to be that person that turns up to a party without a present?! As a result, our children are showered with gifts and our houses are stuffed to the brim. A study of 3,000 parents conducted several years ago revealed that ten-year-olds have £7,000 worth of toys but play with £330, as a child in UK on average owns over 200 toys. This points to a staggering amount of waste.

Furthermore, science suggests that playing with too many toys could affect the concentration level of kids and even hamper creativity, life skills, social interactions, imagination, mental health and team spirit. Let's not forget that a majority of these toys contains plastic that is hard to recycle.

Increasingly, parents are trying to fend off well meaning relations with gift ideas that will inevitably end up in the charity shop (best case) and landfill (worst case) and look towards more sustainable gifts. Below is a list with some ideas to get you started:

  • Experiences - Sleepovers in the National History Museum, trip to a local zoo or cinema

  • Subscriptions - Check out our crafts kit post here for a full list

  • Lessons - Music, swimming, coding or art

  • Books - Can never have enough books!

  • Charity contributions - Start to teach your child about importance of giving back by raising money towards a charity that is close to your heart

  • Memberships - National Trust, English Heritage or local attractions for kids

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